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Phép Lạ Versailles: Sự Hồi Sinh của Cộng đồng Việt Nam

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Books About Vietnam

Vietnam A History Vietnam : A History
by Stanley Karnow

"Provides a comprehensive look at both sides of the Vietnam War through a collection of personal tales and delves into the political and military events in the United States and elsewhere that originally caused the war and the brought it to an end. Reprint. TV tie-in."

Lonely Planet Vietnam (5th Ed) Lonely Planet Vietnam (5th Ed)
by Mason Florence, Robert Storey

"The most comprehensive and authoratative guide to Vietnam." — National Geographic Traveler

Vietnam’s 2139-mile coastline of unspoilt beaches, stunning lagoons, coconut palms and endless expanses of sand dunes have always lured travelers into this beautiful and diverse country. In recent years, with the lifting of Vietnamese and US government restrictions, a visit to this country has become considerably easier.

Fodor's Vietnam (1998) Fodor's Vietnam (1998)
by Natasha Lesser (Editor)

A new-to-the-line Gold Guide to a country rapidly becoming a major tourist attraction, particularly for Vietnam veterans and their families as well as vast numbers of adventure travelers. This new guide provides thorough coverage of attractions, lodging, and restaurants of urban centers Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi and explores the country's breathtaking coastline and rural landscapes.

Vietnam Cambodia and Laos Handbook (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Handbook, 2nd Ed) Vietnam Cambodia and Laos Handbook (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Handbook, 2nd Ed)
by Michael Buckley

This handbook's second edition provides readers will all the information they need to explore this new travel frontier. 142 photos. 111 illustrations. 120 maps.

Lonely Planet Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Guide (Lonely Planet City Guide) Lonely Planet Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Guide (Lonely Planet City Guide)
by Robert Storey

Featuring information on accommodations, restaurants, transportation options, night life, political conditions, and more, for both business and leisure travelers of all budgets, this new city guide to Saigon is complemented by a new edition of the Vietnamese Phrasebook. Full-color map.

Passport Vietnam : Your Pocket Guide to Vietnamese Business, Customs & Etiquette (Passport to the World) Passport Vietnam : Your Pocket Guide to Vietnamese Business, Customs & Etiquette (Passport to the World)
by Jeffrey E. Curry, Molly Thurmond, Chinh T. Nguyen, Tom Watson (Illustrator), Barbara Szerlip (Editor)

Success in international business is not just about your product and service, or about terms and delivery schedules. Success is about people, traditions and relationships. Passport to the World books are comprehensive guides to understanding a country's people, culture, etiquette and communication styles. Passport Vietnam will help you: Avoid cultural faux pas Learn about Vietnam's values and beliefs Understand the reasons behind the actions Develop an effective negotiating style Don't leave without your passport!

Vietnam Vietnam
by Jacques Nepote, Xavier Guillaume, Anita Sach, Jacques Nespote

Vietnam is a land rich in traditional culture and diverse people who display a natural exuberance. Nepote covers all aspects of the country's society, religion, music, and festivals, along with detailed information about visas, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, and transportation. Also includes special literary sections on the Vietnamese culture.

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